H&M Bloggersday!

1 May

Last week H&M held its very first Bloggersday and had a very good reason for doing so. Well 2 reasons actually: get to know the Belgian bloggers better and present them the brand new Fashion Against Aids collection 2012! I must say it was quite interesting for me to be there as a blogger and as a part of the H&M-team 🙂 There were 2 sessions the bloggers could attend to: the lunch session or the evening (cocktail) session, so it was quite a long day for us, but we enjoyed it a lot!

So the main focus of this day was the Fashion Against Aids collection 2012. This collection is launched every year to raise awareness around the  issue of AIDS/HIV.

25% of the revenues raised by this collection are used for AIDS- & HIV prevention. Quite a good reason to like this collection even more, I’d say…. To my opinion these pieces are perfect for the upcoming festivals !


FAA Girl kiss  FAA girls

So our bloggersday:

Of course there was a plan : get to know the FAA collection, get tips from a professional photographer (Dirk Alexander),  specific advice from the ultimate make-up wizard (Gino Beeckman) AND participate in the amazing STYLING CONTEST!

Yep, there was a contest and a mind-blowing PRICE to win! The bloggers had to create their own styling using the FAA collection, mixed with other H&M pieces. A professional jury, with among others supermodel Elise Crombez  and top stylist Linda Van Waesberge, looked for the best outfit that represented the FAA-vibe. The winning blogger won a professional photo shoot with Dirk Alexander and make-up by Gino Beeckman, with the new H&M FALL/WINTER Collection 2012. Talk about an exclusive preview and tons of blogging material!

But before releasing all of this madness, we started off with some delicious food and  a little chitchat to get to know each other a little better.



After that the bloggers were divided them into several groups so each group could stop by the photographer and make-up artist.

BLOGGERSDAY - Make up workshop

Gino working his magic

BLOGGERSDAY - Photo workshop

How to capture movement - in this case twirling Lucy 🙂


Dorothy getting her smokey eyes done

After all that fun it was time to get the styling battle on! It wasn’t as easy as it seemed, because there were shoes, clothes, accessories and of course everything was looking gorgeous…. To get the vibe of this styling competition, imagine a huge group of bloggers running loose in a showroom filled with clothes & shoes, knowing that they can win a professional photo shoot. You get the picture…

BLOGGERSDAY - Collection


After a lot of changing, ooo-wing and aaaaa-ing, here are some examples of what came out! (For the fun of it I also put together an FAA styling ;))


BLOGGERSDAY - My styling

Fellow blogger Anouk rocking her styling:BLOGGERSDAY - Anouk

Styling by Polienne:BLOGGERSDAY - Outfit

I must honestly say there were sooooo many great stylings that day, just too much to capture in this post, but really a big thumbs up for all bloggers! Of course this made it reaaaaallly difficult for our judges to pick one winning blogger…. You should see the tension on the bloggers’ faces waiting for the announcement 🙂BLOGGERSDAY - Bloggers

Unfortunately there could only be 1 winner and that was…………………………… Anaïs from Modoholics! Congrats again!BLOGGERSDAY - Winner

Our lovely jury congratulated Anaïs and everyone received an amazing goodie bag, so nobody went home empty-handed.BLOGGERSDAY - Judges

On to the next H&M Bloggersday I’d say!BLOGGERSDAY - Me

PS: ( A big thanks to my colleague Lison who was the most fantastic model ever! 😉 ) xoxo Sofie


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