*I promise* x Tommy Hilfiger

29 Apr

In these times of sustainable fashion &  conscious collections , I was pleased to hear that Tommy Hilfiger was launching a Promise Collection. Since 2009 Tommy has been part of the Millenium Promise and several projects to raise awareness about African communities living in extreme poverty. 100% of this collection will be donated to the Millenium Promise. On top of that this project has an inspiring ambassador: Miss Katie Holmes. I just had to check out this promising initiative.

The Promise Collection is full of African influences, which you can see in the use of vibrant colors and tribal prints. There are pieces for men (13) and for women (17) and on top of the garments, there are also bikini’s, swim shorts, bracelets, etc. Basically everything you need to create a fab looking outfit! Have a look below what caught my eye at Tommy:

TOMMY - Promise collection

TOMMY - Belts

TOMMY- Accessories

TOMMY - Logo

TOMMY - Outfit

TOMMY - Promise shirt

TOMMY - Shirt

In the store you could also have a walk through the photo exposition, showing pictures of the famous photographer Tom Munro. In his pictures you can see Katie Holmes getting to know the people of Ruhiira and what has already been achieved thanks to the Millenium Promise.

 TOMMY - Children

TOMMY - Katie

In this Promise Tree you could leave your promise and hang it in the tree! I read some great promises from fellow bloggers there :).

TOMMY - Promise tree


TOMMY - Promise

We (fellow blogger Anouk & me) had a great evening at Tommy …….

TOMMY- Anouk


….. and I sure hope that everyone keeps his promise!

xoxo Sofie

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