Feel welcome at OONA

25 Apr

Hip hip hurray for the OONA’s and their brand new location! I must say the place was a jaw dropper!

As always the vibe was relaxed, the cocktails were superb, the music was groovy and the crowd was well.. euhm.. huge actually! So many familiar faces, I almost didn’t have time to snap the clothes. So after grabbing some french fries (thanks again OONA ), I ran through the brand new showroom and here’s what I loved/adored/want for upcoming Fall/Winter….



ESSENTIEL - Sneakers


S.Oliver - Dress

S.Oliver - Comfy pants

ANNE ZELIEN - Necklace

ANNE ZELIEN - Earrings

ANNE ZELIEN - Cufflinks

ANNE ZELIEN - Elio necklace

LAMON NUYTENS - Fur collection


RIVER ISLAND - Detail Dress

OMSK - Blouse

Forever 21 - Skirt

We’ll start loving Winter with these crazy looking garments, right?!

xoxo Sofie


2 Responses to “Feel welcome at OONA”

  1. Marylo April 25, 2012 at 20:36 #

    amaai da kettingske van “marry me” is zo mooi!!! kunde da kopen 🙂

    • Bien Sucré April 29, 2012 at 12:05 #

      Ofcourse kan je dat kopen 😉 Is van het merk Anne Zellien, dus je moet maar eens opzoeken online! Heeft een winkel in de Kammenstraat! 🙂 x

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