You better LISTEN UP for these brands!

23 Apr

I bet you’ve already read 20 blog posts about the Antwerp , so thanks for reading mine as well. Last week the most hectic (and fun) time of year occurred… Yup, it was time to discover the Fall/Winter collections at the Antwerp press agencies! Rushing off to A-town after my work, chatting, making pictures, surviving on tiny snacks,…. Fellow bloggers know the drill. blogging is so glamorous ;).

In this post you can check the Fall/Winter trends I spotted at Listen Up.

Key Words to remember: Color (No, it will not be a black/brown Winter!),Collars, Teddy (Loads & Loads) and Glitter & Prints.

PS: (No worries, I managed to get through the week in one piece & I’m already prepping mentally for this weeks Press days in Brussels… To Be Continued that is …. )


ATOS LOMBARDINI - Pumps      ASTRID JANE - Jeans ASTRID JANE - Pants     ASTRID JANE - Jeanswear

COS - Colourful collection COS - Silver Skirt COS - Handbag COS - Mirror bag COS - Accessory corner ELEVEN PARIS - Pants ELEVEN PARIS - MJ           ELEVEN PARIS - Kanye       ELEVEN PARIS - Oh Pharrell   MARCH 23 - Heeled boots

SUPERTRASH - Jewellery SUPERTRASH- Shoes  SUPERTRASH - Sparkle Sweater TED BAKER - Candy TED BAKER - Clutches TED BAKER - Collar TED BAKER - Lace dress TED BAKER - Collars TED BAKER - Skirt print

xoxo Sofie


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