My Spring Favorites

18 Mar

The first sun is coming out, days are getting longer again and my budget is at its all time low. “How come?” you may ask…… Well, I’ve gone a little crazy on the Spring collections. After the long dark winter, I’m more than ever an easy victim for those bright colors, floral dresses and loud colour accessories.

On top of that I’m starting at my new job tomorrow, so I had to get me some new work outfits, right?

So here are my Spring favorites (for now that it) ! Hope you like them…

Coo coo!  Coo coo bag Leaf detail Vintage dress Vintage close up Green purse Mawi like necklace Necklace detail H&M outfit  necklaceFever dress Fever close upYellow bag Yellow dress

Coo coo bag > H&M

Vintage Dress

Green purse > H&M

Mawi-like necklace > H&M

H&M blouse & skirt (source:

Big necklace > H&M (to combine with the H&M outfit!)

Green dress > Fever

Yellow bag > H&M

Yellow Dress > H&M (I got this one in black & I’m gonna get it in yellow! Source:

xoxo Sofie


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