Cupcake workshop!

10 Mar

Last Wednesday me and baking buddy Karlien went to a cupcake workshop via Groupon. We were convinced that this time we were gonna get the secret recipe for the perfect cream cheese topping. I mean it’s a workshop, surely the ‘teacher’ has to give the paying students what they want, right?!

So off we went ready for 3 hours of sprinkles, shapes and so much more! We arrived fashionably late and so our introduction had taken a good start. With a group of 10 girls & 1 very brave guy (thumbs up for courage!) the teacher Veronique of MM Homecreations gave us 5 cupcakes each. Our first thought: Ow so we’re not gonna bake anything ourselves? Okay then….

We had to cut off the top of our cupcakes so we could decorate them easily. Said and done, we had to put on some butter cream on top of our cakes. And yes you guessed it well, the butter cream was already made. And we did not get the recipe out of Veronique, because they worked with a mix that you could of course buy at her store (ahum ahum)… 🙂

Cupcake buttercream The Yummymaker

After that Veronique showed us some really nice examples of cupcake decorations and explained us how we could do this ourselves. Here are some of them (Yes, we were very impressed!) :

Example angle  Example cupcake

Okay, now it was finally up to us! So we started rolling our fondant paste and marzipan paste.

Colour chunks

Then we got to choose a pretty color, which was really hard because there were so many options and we only had 5 cakes.

Colour jars  Colouring

After creating an original foundation, we starting making our ‘on top’ decorations. Here’s the result of our hard work, hope you like them:

Heart cupcakes Mushroom cupcake Engagement cupcake My angel Sugar jar cupcake Piglet cupcake

PS: (Karlien is a true piglet artist! That one is completely handmade!)

xoxo Sofie



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