Bobbi Brown Beauty

29 Feb

Couple of weeks ago, I went on a shopping spree in Brussels with a friend. I’m not really familiar with the streets of our capital, but since I’m going to work there soon, I had to do some exploring. This all went pretty well, until my iPhone battery was down and we had no more Google Maps in our hands…. So far for our orientation skills (ahum ahum).

Anywayzzzz, we did find the Bobbi Brown store (after wandering 15 minutes in streets filled with pita restaurants)! The store is located at August Ortsstraat. Not that big, but it does reflect the simplicity and brightness of the Bobbi Brown cosmetics. What I especially like about Bobbi Brown is the philosophy behind the brand: ‘Make-up gives women a great feeling, more confidence and makes them even more pretty. The secret to beauty is simple – be who you are.’ Don’t you just love her already?

Bobbi Brown Store  Miss Bobbi BrownBobbi's values Bobbi Brown interior

Miss Brown is especially known for her  brown-based lipstick shades and her correcting foundations. “Bobbi’s foundations were yellow-based, not pink, revolutionizing face makeup as it’s known today.” Quite impressive if you ask me.

Bobbi Brown foundation Bobbi Brown make upBobbi Brown lipsticks

So here is what I bought from the store! 🙂

Since I’m the kind of person that wakes up every day with dark blue circles under her eyes (tired or not tired > no difference), I bought the award-winning Creamy Concealer kit. Super handy, because it’s so small, and it gives you an instant well-rested look.

Bobbi Brown concealer Bobbi Brown concealer Concealer Kit

I also fell for this Metallic eye shadow, which combines rich, high-pigment color with intense shimmer. “Forest”, is the color I picked out: you can describe it as a deep olive-green. Great for a subtile line on your eye or a drama/party eye for those late nights. I’ve tried it several times now and I just adore it!

Metallic Eye Shadow Bobbi Brown eye shadows Forest  Make up

If you want to get some make-up/advise, just go to the Bobbi Brown store or do some research first on the website > Bobbi Brown.

xoxo Sofie

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