25Y of Kipling!

21 Feb

Yes, I know I’m really late with this post (our just with my recent blogging behaviour in general), but believe me there is a good explanation for it (it involves a cat, a laptop, a big shelve, a broken screen, you get the picture) !

So under the motto of better late than never, here is my post on the celebration of 25 years of Kipling. Like most of us 20 something peeps, I grew up going to school with a Kipling backpack filled with books & sandwiches. In stores you couldn’t just take any bag, no no no, you had to have the one that had the monkey on it with the right colour and name! Very important!

What I didn’t even know (shame on me) is that Kipling is a 100% Belgian, even Antwerp brand. Again something we can be very proud of. Big thumbs up!

So a couple of weeks ago, there was a big event at Felixpakhuis to remind us all of what a great journey is has been for Kipling.

And what a party it was! Pictures/videos say more than words, so check it out for yourself!

In a nutshell: hot dj girls in a mini,hamburgers, cupcakes, famous faces all over the place, yummy cocktails and a lotta people going monkey crazy!

For the video of this fantastic evening: http://bit.ly/xHk4E0 or for more info on 25 years of Kipling:http://www.25yearskipling.com/

PS: Special thanks to Anouk (blog: Anoukmeetsfashion) to  take some pics of me and Steffi Vertriest (blog: Felicityfashion), because I forgot my Nikon!



xoxo Sofie


One Response to “25Y of Kipling!”

  1. Steffi Vertriest February 21, 2012 at 18:40 #

    That was fun, whoop whoop!!



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