My Valentine’s Day…

18 Feb

No, I’m not the kind of person who gets all excited when the 14th of February is coming along. I don’t go out and buy expensive gifts to show the boyfriend how much I care.

But then again, I do like to cook a nice meal that day and just hang together, ’cause that seems more realistic than flowers, restaurants and a diamond ring.

So let me share with you how I spent my Valentine’s Day… I cooked a great homemade lasagne using Jeroen Meus great recipe! (I swear you can’t go wrong with this one!)

>>>>>>> <<<<<<<

We popped some very very yummy bubbles (and don’t you just L.O.V.E this new pink crocodile skin wrapping Piper Heidsieck uses?!)

After our nice candlelight dinner, I had a little surprise for the boyfriend. It was David Beckham! Or at least, some boxers from his underwear collection from H&M.

I must say, he rocked those just as well as David himself 😉

Versace for H&M Logo

We finished our evening by eating a large jar of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey together and watched a cheesy movie.

Now honestly, who needs anything more on Valentine’s Day?!

xoxo Sofie


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