Photoshoot with Bert Stephani

25 Jan

Last weekend, when it was verrrryyyy cold and windy outside, I had a photoshoot with Bert Stephani. He’s a professional photographer who I’ve already posed for in the past and who takes really nice pics! What I especially like about Bert is that he likes to shoot people, and not ‘models’, if you know what I mean.

As you know, funny little 1m68 me is not a model. Anyhow, for SHOOT magazine he had to test a camera and asked me if I wanted to model. Since I’m thinking of adding a picture to my business cards for the blog, this deal came out handy.

So said and done, on this cold day we started shooting outside. As you can imagine my hair was all over the place, yes also in my lipgloss, tears were running down my face by the cold and so it didn’t take long before we head back to the studio :). Either way, here are some of the results and ofcourse I wanted to share these first with you guys ;)! xoxo

PS: (Please do notice my new items: the reindeer sweater and necklace by ZEB, the bow necklace, the white sweater by Mango and my kaki dress by ICHI)

Sofie_Laureys Sofie_Laureys Sofie_laureys Sofie_laureys Sofie_laureys Sofie_Laureys Sofie_laureys Sofie_laureys Sofie_laureys Sofie_laureys




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