Maaji = Magic!

21 Jan

A couple of years ago I fell madly in love with the swimwear collection of Maaji. This gorgeous Columbian brand was created by 2 sisters,  Manuela and Amalia Sierra. Typical for the Maaji bikinis are the playful colors, inventive prints & the amazing details. Just looking at these pictures makes me think of a huge white beach, a refreshing cocktail and an incredible sun tan!

Maaji bikini Simply Maaji bikini white Maaji bikini pocahontas Maaji bikini yellow Simply Maaji bikini Maaji bikini green

And to make it all even more sweeter, they have a beautiful cover up – and accessory line on the side, to finish up your perrrrrrrfect ‘I’m so cute and stylish at the beach’-look. Did I already mention how much in love I am with this brand?!

Maaji beachdress Maaji sunhat Maaji beach purse Maaji cover up dress Maaji beach slipper Maaji beachbag Maaji cover up black Maaji bracelet Maaji cover up top Maaji beach sandal

But enough about the beach part now, what I really wanted to tell you about was that Maaji is launching a lingerie collection. And yes, it is just as gorgeous as the swimwear collection (not good for my bank account at all)! Once again, bright colors, cool prints and an incredible focus on the details.

Maaji lingerie back detail Maaji lingerie red Maaji lingerie black Maaji lingerie triangle  Maaji lingerie top Maaji lingerie pink

What I especially like, is that there’s the possibility to go for the thong or regular panties –version. I’m not so found of thongs you see ;). So it’s great to see that a girl has got options.

Maaji lingerie set Maaji set thong

It’s not easy to find the lingerie collection in Belgian stores yet, but I’m emailing with the sales contact as I’m writing this post, so normally I will have ‘Maaji mail’ in 2 weeks or so. Keep you posted on the delivery ;)!

PS: (Maaji swimwear is available at Lily’s in Mechelen )

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