Hurray for Beyoncé

4 Jan

The world is waiting impatiently for the big news… Boy or girl, what name, big or small, what clothes etc. Yes, I’m talking about the first love child of top stars Jay-Z and beautiful Miss Beyoncé. Since she’s about to be a mom and is on-screen about 50 times a day (I see a lot of videos at my job @MTV/TMF, yes) popping her bootylicious curves with hits from her new album 4, I thought it was time to write something about Miss Beyoncé.

Since Music and Fashion go hand in hand, it still makes sense on this blog… 😉

I must say she just keeps amazing me, and I find her one of the greatest performers of our time. Just check out her new documentary ‘Live at Roseland’   & I’m sure you’ll agree with me, if you didn’t already.

Starting her singing career when she was just 9 years old with her father as a manager, she turned out to be quite the self-made lady. She always looks gorgeous, even without make-up, and her sense of style is just fabulous. Sexy gets a new meaning when it comes to this one, no skinny ass model, but curvy as hell & without being vulgar or ordinary. Not many people manage to do so.

Beyonce belly Beyonce I Miss You Beyoncé I was Here

Beyonce Run The World

Besides just looking fab herself, she has a perfume line and a clothing line. Music and fashion have always got along well, so this is no surprise (think of Gwen Stefani, J.Lo, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West…. Wait maybe not Kanye?!). House Of Deréon  is the brand she runs with her mother Tina Knowles.


Beyoncé is the face and muse for every collection. I just wanted to share some of my personal favorites with you:

AllBlackOutfit BlackAndWhiteDress Beyonce House Of Deréon Ad BlackLaceDress GlitterGoldVestHouse Of Deréon GoldDress BlackGlitterDress

I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts on House Of Deréon….

For those who want to get more personal with Beyoncé here are some more must see videos:

Belly Rub at VMA’s

Documentary  Year of 4

1+1 Acapella filmed by Jay-Z on his iPhone >>> goosebumps every time!

(All pictures from and

xoxo Sofie


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