Something old: vintage jewellery

15 Dec

Since Christmas is coming along, I alow myself to get emotional once in a while. So if you’re not in the mood, hold on tight. This Christmas will be about the 4th Christmas without my beloved grandmother and gosh, how I wish she was still here.

I especially regret that she never got the chance to meet my boyfriend & he never got to meet her. I’m sure they both would’ve been impressed. When she passed away, there was the horrible task of dividing all her things equally among the family, which is, believe me, never easy for anyone.

But, to keep things positive, I did inherit her pretty jewellery box, where I used to play with when I was a little girl. Why don’t people make them this cool anymore, in real wood and with nice designs? Anyway, I could sit in her bedroom for hours, dressing up with her pearl necklaces, golden bracelets and diamond rings.

A few years ago, I couldn’t image I would ever be able to wear these things again, but as the fashion rule states: everything comes back into fashion. So a big thanks goes out to my grandma for these shiny pretty pieces & I hope you like them as well. (As you can see the box has also been filled with some jewellery of my own, which is slightly cheaper, cough…)

jewellery box jewellery box inside jewellery box bottom The Mexican necklace golden flower daddy's watch golden bracelet name tag horoscope necklace golden ring cupcake ring on  cupcake I do cupcake 3 rings & a cupcake

PS: ( The watch belongs to my dad, but I kind off ‘borrowed’ it, so I thought it would fit in this post)

PS again: ( Am I the only one who feels the urge to scream I DOOOOO at cupcake picture n°3 ?!)

xoxo Sofie


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