Fashion Film Festival

13 Dec

This weekend the very first Belgian Fashion Film Festival, called Fash!ON/off, took place at Cinema Zuid. As the Fash!ON/off organisation describes itself:

During this film festival a variety of short films & documentaries from a.o. Ellen von Unwerth, Peter Lindbergh, Harmony Korine, Hussein Chalayan, Kenneth Anger and the Brothers Quay were shown, but also some truly enlightening Q&A sessions with renowned Belgian fashion photographer & filmmaker Serge Leblon (Dazed & Confused), his American counterpart Todd Cole (Rodarte, Nike, Britney) and UK style legend Stephane ‘Boy London’ Raynor.” (source > Fash!ON/off newsletter)

Fash!ON/off film festival
                                         (> Image by Fash!ON/off organisation)

As you can understand I was very interested in going to this special event. My attention was specificaly drawn to the exclusive documentary called ‘The Tents’, which gives insight into the fascinating history of the New York Fashion Week. The documentary was released in New York by producer Marcus K. Jones and directcr James Belzer, and was shown for the second time exlusively at Fash!ON/off. Talk about an opportunity!

(> find more info here)

So Saturday night me and the boyfriend (yes, he came along) went to see ‘The Tents’, not really knowing what to expect. Turns out, the docu was worth all its credits. It basically showed how America had to earn its place in the fashion world > through hard work and by building the so called ‘tents’ at Bryant Park. 

In these tents the fashionshows were organised, after realizing that lofts or clubs weren’t safe or convienent as a location for the visitors. Also, famous designers, stylists and journalists speak their mind about the unbelievable evolution of New York Fashion Week, such as Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Suzy Menkes, Isaac Mizrahi and many many more.

While it seemed logical to me that New York Fashion Week had always been acknowledged by the world, the docu prooved me wrong. Many people had to find money to start this first edition of fashion week and thank God they did. As Fashion Week moved to the Lincoln Center in 2010, designers, journalists, stylists and co-workers were very emotional about leaving their lovely ‘tents’ behind at Bryant Park. But as Tommy Hilfiger said it: ‘New York Fashion is ready for the next step’. And oh yes it was….

If you missed this great film festival, please make sure you don’t miss out on the next edition, ’cause this is truly a fascinating project for fashionlovers, bloggers or just docu-addicts. Find all info on >

Oh yes, quote of the night (from the docu): ‘Oh please, Twitter me a river!’ :). Don’t remember who said it exactly, but it was hilarious!



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