Just just just DANCE!

30 Nov

A few weeks ago, I went to the press days of SUMO PR in Brussels. Although I was feeling pretty feverish, I deciced to drag my pretty little ass to Brussels, take some pictures of the collections and go back to bed. But no, no, no, that was not what SUMO PR had in mind for us bloggers. At 7 o’clock there was gonna be a surprise performance…..

Arriving there at 7:20 (after driving around in Brussels for about 20 minutes) I that I was late for the surprise, but oh no I was just in time…. For the VIDEOCLIP we were gonna shoot starring …oh yes…us BLOGGERS, doing a little dance choreo. Get the vibe: fever, late, unsexy clothes, French gay dance tutor? And did I mention the theme was SM? I think I made my point.

Since there was no escape possible I drank 2 SUMOpolitans ad fundum to get some courage, because Lucas (French-gay-dance tutor) was ready for lift off. In 5 minutes he taught us the choreo and then we were off. Now here’s the result.

Note: I was doing the crocodile-between-my-legs-thing as a joke, but of course it caught Lucas’ eye and he told me to stay like that because it was gonna be ‘Supppeeeeeer (in French) for the video’. Just wanted to point that out.

Okay, after surviving that and having another SUMOpolitan, I took a tour through the collections! Here’s what caught my feverish eye:

Sumopolitan cocktail


These bags make the perfect accessory for your colorblocking outfit!

Nathan handbag red Nathan handbag blueNathan-handbag-yellow


Little bag Pomme de Loveley Yellow bag Pomme de Loveley


The perfect party dress to shake it off, shake it off!

Party Dress Patrizia Pepe  Roman handbag Patrizia Pepe Tangerine Red Bug bag


Love love loooove this first bag!

Samsonite Travel Bag Samsonite Yellow grey bag Samsonite brownish bag


Red shiny male shoes Turquoise lady shoe Black strap shoeBrown heeled peep toe


Christmas gift for your guy?

Thomas Sabo male watches


pretty purse Hoss Intropia Accesories


IKKS must have necklace

Oh what a night! Thanks again at SUMO PR for having me! I had a blast!



2 Responses to “Just just just DANCE!”

  1. Chloe December 1, 2011 at 14:30 #

    Well that were some HARD dance moves …! 😉

  2. Noëmie December 4, 2011 at 17:09 #

    Hahahahaha, heeeeeerlijk! Ziet er precies wel heel moeilijk uit 😉 Gelukkig heb jij nu al wel wat danservaring! Heb het zonder geluid moeten doen, maakte het volgens mij nog dat tikkeltje grappiger 😉

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