With love for Kiril♥ve

23 Nov

As you all know the number 1 stylist and fashionista in Belgium wrote a book to FINALLY share all her secrets. Yes, I’m talking about the ever so stylish Miss Tiany Kiriloff! Here it is in all its glory and look she wrote a little message especially for Bien Sucré, how nice!

Kirilove book Kirilove Bien Sucré signature

To be honest I have been following Tiany since she was a JIM VJ , so I must have been about 15-17 years old or something? Back then I didn’t know what I was gonna study, but I always said I wanted to do what Tiany Kiriloff did as a job: find the best fashion spots and tell the world about it.. Oh yes, at that age I was still over ambitious and naïve etc. But a girl has to dream, right?

At first I didn’t really know what to expect from this book. Well yes, fashion talk of course, but filling 220 pages with that?  Result: I basically read  it from cover to cover!  I ‘m really happy she shared all this wisdom , tips & tricks and endless list of shopping addresses! Big thanks for that!

This nice pink book consists of 4 big chapters,  all focused on a different roll of Tiany: stylist, mommy, lover, friend, traveler, .. . My favorite is chapter 1, called Closet Confidential, which is about (yes as you can already guess) the best shopping places, online stores and styling tips. I thought I already knew a lot, but oh my, I was obviously clueless! It will definitely have a huge impact on my bank account in the upcoming months, but thank God Christmas is on its way so I can hint a lot of gift tips here and there.  Also practical tips about  how to treat your clothes etc. are included. Nice!

Second chapter is about Tiany being a mom and a wife (lovely pics of her oh so cute mini me’s!), so if you’re a young & fun mommy , better go get that book > tons of tips about kids fashion, kid proof restaurants and so much more. And let’s not forget about the boys now …. If you have a hubby/boyfriend that you want to spoil with a new outfit or just a surprise tête-à-tête dinner, you will succeed with this chapter for sure. The boys deserve to be pleased once and a while ;).

If you have the best friends in the world, but you don’t really have much time to see them, chapter 3 will provide you with the ideal “cocktail get together”- spots with your BFF’s! Or if you prefer going to a luxury spa resort and just relax: one advisor > the Kirilove bible!

Last but not least, is my second favorite chapter, number 4! Now this one is one for the traveler chicks among us. It’s all about the 3 cities you gotta love as a fashionista: Paris-London-New York! To be honest I haven’t been to London (I know shame shame shame on me!) or New York (even a bigger shame!), but after reading all these shopping tips I’m ever more motivated to go! Eat, drink, shop, party, whatever you’re planning on doing, take this book with you, ‘cause it’s all in there!

In these modern times us girlies have to be so many things at the same time and still be able to dress up and look good. We want to be successful at work, go to the gym 3 times a week, be a great mom, friend & lover all at the same time. It’s a tough job, but Tiany has convinced me that it can be done, you just gotta have the right info. xoxo


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