Pressdays Antwerp: Part II

12 Nov

You are probably already drooling over the pieces you saw in Part I, but don’t go coucou already on me, because there are 3 more parts to come. Yes, 3 that it. This part is all about the brands of UPR Belgium!


Yellow perforated jacket!






Ek Thongpräsert :

Don’t ask me to pronounce this one, but I do know that it looks great! This is one of the young designers presented at UPR. Beautiful jewellery made of ….wait for it… RUBBER! Yes indeed! Love these colors!






These remind me of Lady Gaga (raarararararaa!):


Whoever dares to where these rainbow flip-flops in public, gets a medal from me!




Personally I’m not really a huge fan of UGG, but I really think I should reconsider looking at these summer beauties! Then again flip-flops with fur is a big NO NO to me…


Trip down the beauty department with L’Occitane, Rituals, PRONAILS & M.A.C !


xoxo (On to Part III !)

2 Responses to “Pressdays Antwerp: Part II”

  1. Suzanne van den Boomgaard March 25, 2012 at 20:35 #

    Hi, where are that rainbow slippers from?
    I think they’re really cool!!!!!!!
    Mail me please!

    (ps. I’m from holland :D)

    • Bien Sucré March 28, 2012 at 09:54 #

      Hi Suzanne!
      They are from Sacha 🙂 >
      Watch out when wearing them 😉



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