Pressdays Antwerp Part I

12 Nov

Last week it was all about the Pressdays in Antwerp, or should I say Stressdays? My agenda was filled with after-work visits to make, so I was basically running from one PR agency to another, grabbing a quick bite here and there, but I made it! I got to know so many lovely brands, met interesting people and added so many things to my wish list. Of course I wouldn’t wanna keep all this from you, so here are some posts completely dedicated to my wanna-haves or just items that caught my attention. Hope you enjoy!

PR agency: OONA  (Thanks for having me!)

Hihi, always wanted to be Polaroid captured wearing a feathered helmet ;)))))



Only is coming out with a nail polish collection in February 2012! Lasts long, has a brush that fully covers your nail and available in vibrant colors: all we need, right? Second picture shows the spring colors!


Get carried away by these gorgeous designs by Anne Zellien (Vintage Collection)!



Colourshock your outfit with these babies:



If you have an extra €400 on the side you can buy this Cointreau travel kit, including everything you need to make an exquisite cocktail on the road (or in a jet!).




Love this “down to the ground” skirt 🙂 ! Mix it up with the jeans top, oh so boho ❤



Meet this HOT Israeli brand! Gottex is known for its übersexy beach dresses and hot bathing suits with gorgeous details. Check the collection on their website : .



Finally a headphone brand that thinks about our girlie needs. Choose between a gold or silver finishing touch, these in ear classy headphones or the headband model. Me like!






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