Barbara & Barbara for Vela Lingerie

6 Nov

 Lingerie. We girls all know what the right lingerie can do for a woman. You wanna look good in an outfit, it all starts with what’s underneath it. That’s why I was really happy to get an invitation for  the presentation of the Barbara Gandolfi collection for VELA Lingerie.

Starting off with the what/where/who :

Barbara Gandolfi

– known for her participation in the tv show Temptation Island in 2003

– became the girlfriend of the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo (but are separated now)

– Playboy model

VELA Lingerie

15 year old Belgian luxury lingerie brand, designed by Barbara Romano , with a huge love for lace and fringes. Vela has lingerie for both sexes: Basic Women, Basic Men and the Limited Edition. For the 2011 collection  they chose the pretty face of Barbara Gandolfi . And the result turned out just gorgeous.


Event was organized at Mint, Antwerp. Yes, indeed the bar run by Mister Pieter Loridon. And he was obviously  very happy to have lingerie models running around his bar. Oh well, boys will be boys.

Arriving at Mint, we could go upstairs to meet Barbara & Barbara. And of course have a look at the collection. Personally I was a bit scared by the bra’s, because it were all very big sizes, well and I’m kind of, euhm well small, if you know what I mean. Fortunately Barbara the designer reassured me that they came in all sizes, fieuw.

So here are some of the designs:


After the chitchat, the models had a little walk through the bar and then the party began.


I drank my rum-coke and went back home happy to have met this lovely brand. For those who are interested, you can order the collection online >

(Pictures by VELA: ) – Event organized by SUMO PR

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