Party @ Patrizia

29 Oct

Last Friday night was gonna be a casual Friday, just having a drink, watching a movie.. Nothing special. But during my afternoon coffee date, I read on Twitter that there was a cocktailparty at Patrizia Pepe’s in Antwerp. Occasion? The presentation of the fall/winter collection 2011-2012. Unfortunately, me did not have an invitation. Sad story.

 But then I thought, maybe I should just get my act together and just ask. And apparently there are still people in this world who just want to help you out when you ask. My savior of the day was the PR company Sumo PR who was organizing the event. So this little lady got a very last minute invitation. Thanks again for that! (Check their Facebook-page by the way to stay posted on these kind of events, trends etc. > Sumo’s Notebook)

So I drove to Antwerp in a rush rush, picked up my friend and went to Patrizia’s Party! Fashionably late we arrived and got a cold glass of cava. A dj was spinning some nice tunes  and many other bloggers were happily trying on the collection. Ahhh it’s fashion heaven!

Let’s have a look at the collection, because that’s what we’re here for right?!

To my opinion Patrizia has always been a very luxurious lady, who likes to treat herself with only the very best & with lots of pretty things. And the fall/winter collection knows how to fulfill these needs. This year it’s all about fluffy fur, diamond bugs and gipsy/tribal charms! Actually everything you need for a warm winter & a hot cocktail party at the same time.  And because an image says more than a 1000 words:

Va-va-voum jacket & party skirt with golden spangles:

Va-va-vooouum jacket   

Blue blouse with spangles and Patrizia’s perfume for him & her:


Furry bag & bling bling necklace:


Gorgeous handbag with pattern and the ultimate party shoe with diamond butterfly:


These are about the only bugs you don’t wanna squash:

And this one here is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE (wishlist!):

Ofcourse there was room for the boys as well. I like this jeans shirt so much. Very sexy!


After carefully browsing the collection, we enjoyed eating these yummie macarons! Patrizia knows how to spoil her girlfriends!

After a lot of chitchatting with interesting people, we took off but not empty-handed. Like I said, Patrizia is all about being treated like a princess. So we got this pretty goodie bag, including a CD and a o so handy shopping bag.


Thank you Patrizia Pepe and Sumo PR for this great night out!


One Response to “Party @ Patrizia”

  1. Markyyy October 29, 2011 at 18:05 #

    I’m so I’m so I’m so proud of you 😉 xxx

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