Mode à Malines

26 Oct

A couple of weeks ago, I was hanging around in Mechelen and stumbled across the Hippermarkt. 4 times a year you can find this cute, little market in Mechelen, where all the hip shops of the city are represented, including some young designers. Big plus: hot coco and chocolates are also present, yum! (For more info> So here is what my shopping partner in crime and I found…..

Since I’m all into V-V-Vintage jewellery, I bought myself this beauty:


Lately I’m totally digging the whole ‘rose-jewellery-thing’. This pretty necklace was made by Lady Rose. ‘Who you say?’ Lady Rose jewellery makes the most lovely and original jewellery with a touch of 50’s for a very very very reasonable price. Truly, it’s a bargain. From rings, to earrings, necklaces, etc. She does it all! Here are some of my personal favorites:


(Source: Lady Rose website)

Check out all of her stuff on her website:             

Since we’re talking jewellery, here’s another great shop with handmade designs > Simple Comme Bonjour. I’ve known this one since it was founded and I must say I never get tired of the cute little birdies. For my birthday I got this one from a good friend of mine and I wear it every single day. Plus it comes in these really nice bags! Perfect GIFT TIP.


Check out/order on her website:

The next one is already cute just because of the name: Dolliedot. I’m sure you can already imagine what kind of store this is. You can find all kinds of accessories and fun gifts here. It used to be an online shop, but since recently the shop has finally opened its doors (in Beerzel, not so far from Mechelen)! Have a look at these gorgeous must haves:


(Source: Dollie Dot website)

More info? Check

And then it got really vintage. At the booth of Blender Vintageshop I bought this gorgeous pink purse. And it was a bargain. Really.

Plus you get some really great shopping advice along with it. The kind gentleman (who was approximately 70 years old) was explaining me how I could use this purse as a clutch on Sundays and then use it with the chain on regular days. Okay, thank you, dear Sir for that fashion advice. Anyway, you should visit the shop when in Mechelen or just have a look on the website >

Then there is a concept I can only applaud: The Box. For those who aren’t familiar with it, a brief explanation. The Box is a shop that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their products in 1 of the so called “boxes”. Everyone who has a job as designer on the side, but doesn’t have the capital/time/…   to start a shop of his/her own, can use one of the boxes in The Box. Great initiative, if you ask me! So if you’re in that position or you just want to find a great gift, have a look at


(Source: The Box website)

You’ll definitely find something there!

 And then, of course, there is always room for some cupcake info! I used to get all my stuff in Antwerp, but now I discovered the Bakboetiek. They have 2 stores, one in Mechelen and one in Turnhout, filled with aaaaallll the cupcake stuff you need. And they give workshops! Nice! (And yes, when I see these pictures I realise how much practising I need)


Check it out on:


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