15 Oct

The weekend of October 8th was a very interesting weekend, full of unexpected meetings with fascinating people. My Saturday morning trip (got up at 8 AM, auch!) took me to the Fashion Museum in Hasselt for an event called DSGNRMRKT. This is a platform for young fashion designers to show their collection to the world.

Arrived there we received our VIP wrist strap (equals 10% discount on everything!) and a nice looking goodie bag! So much for a good start.

The first stop we made was at Black Balloon, the label of Chléo Baele, that is known for its oh so gorgeous handbags (really!), amazing accessories and a really nice female and male collection. You can see some items here below (I bought these stunning vintage earrings by the way, for those glam evenings!):


More info on: www.blackballoon.be

The second collection that caught our eye, was Titi + The German Kid. A very playful collection, filled with color and cute prints. This wolf sweater was my favorite, along with this blue sweater. Very Gaga! www.titiandthegermankid.com


After a nice glass of cava we reached one of my favorite collections at DSGNRMRKT: Made by An Buermans. My jaw actually dropped when I took a look at her collection (and I don’t have that very often). She knows how to highlight the female assets and combine modern chic with a tribal vibe. This one is my absolute favorite.


We had a lovely chitchat and you can just tell this collection was made from the heart. Definitely check out her collection on > www.anbuermans.be

Right around the next corner was another jaw dropping collection (once again, NO this really doesn’t happen easily!). Here we met the lovely Karolien Verstraeten and her partner. First thing you’ll notice are the cute bows and the gorgeous back details. Such a feminine  collection, really.


Me and my friend fell for a black jumpsuit, which Karolien was wearing herself. I swear to God, you wouldn’t wanna take it off once you get in there. Karolien explained it ‘s made of a fabric called cupro, which is very similar to Japanese silk. Yes, very soft and comfy!  Perfect for a day at the office combined with a jacket or super sexy for a night out! It will cost you, but oh so worth the investment! And more good news: they are opening a shop in Antwerp (next to cinema Cartoons) in the beginning of November. I’ll be at the opening for sure! Check the collection at : www.karolienverstraeten.com

Next on the menu was IXX,  the Dutch design studio run by Jolijn Fiddelaers. Jolijn was happy to talk about the concept of her collection. During DSGNRMRKT two IXX projects were presented: IXX-Creates-Prints is a silk ladies collection with exclusive prints from different textile designers. Very gorgeous colors as you can see below. Her second concept is called IXX-Meets-INDIA. These are hand-woven scarves made of organic cotton from India. Check her collection on the website: www.ixxcreates.com

And then, of course there was Col Claudine. This one is conquering many hearts with these little collars right here. It is such an original idea and it just looks fab. Great plus is that they come in different colors, so you can mix and match with every outfit. To my opinion they are quite pricy, but hey, Christmas is coming up, right? (GIFT tip!) . Even this cute gorilla makes the collar work. My favorite is this baby blue one. Check all her collars at www.colclaudine.be


Now these ladies are no strangers to me. I’ve been following them throughout their journey and loved their collection from the start. With their snappy designs and funny prints, they can absolutely pimp up your closet. Check out this cool gun tank top! Makes me sing ‘I just shot a man down’ instantly. The other one is more , well euhm, ‘Ich möchte ein eisbehr sein’ ? Check their entire collection at www.madebychickies.com .


It was a very nice day in Hasselt & a succesful edition of this years DSGNRMRKT. Can’t wait ’till next year!

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