We’re On A Boat!

14 Oct

About 3 weeks ago, (remember when the sun was still shining and you were wearing slippers?), I was at a “goodbye-pick nick” of a colleague (and very good friend) of mine. Occasion was obviously because she was leaving the company, but she’s also moving to Berlin to work there. (I feel a blog post coming up when I’m gonna visit her in the fashionable Berlin!).  Of course lots of people were there, bringing presents, drinks, babies, kisses and much more.

One of the presents was a box filled with ooh soooo lovely looking cupcakes. And they didn’t just look good. Oh my God, it was like heaven in my mouth. On the pretty box it said ‘Julie’s House’ (Oh what a coincidence, my colleague ‘s name is Julie > get it, get it?).  So blown away by the rich flavors that melted on my tongue, I decided that day to visit this Julie’s House, craving for more (I told you ‘cupcake addict’!).

So the next weekend, me and my baking buddy Karlien drove to Ghent. When we arrived we used our great orientation skills (read: iPhone > Google Maps) to find this amazing place called Julie’s House. We recognized it by the great looking display window which was filled with cupcakes. Outside lots of people were drinking coffee, eating pie and chitchatting. Aaaah, we found heaven on earth!

Inside we were amazed by how big the place was. There was a terrace outside, a second flour upstairs and lovely hidden corners all the way in the back of the shop.

Then again we didn’t come here for the interior! So let’s get down to business: what to eat? If I can give you one tip if you’re planning on visiting: DON’T EAT about 5 hours in advance. Seriously. At Julie’s House you can eat cupcakes, muffins and the most amazing pies! And of course they have all sorts of coffee, fresh orange juice etc. I took the chocolate banana cupcake and a raspberry  cupcake.

And oh my, it was absolutely delicious! No dry texture, a perfect balance between all the flavors and toppings that will rock your world. I’m still trying to find out how this Julie makes this white cream topping, because it’s just AMAZING (and yes, you can pronounce that the Astrid Bryan way).  Anyhow, it was clear to us that we had a long way to go to get to this level of baking. But hey, you got to start somewhere.

After being totally satisfied we headed off to discover some more hidden treasures of this vibrant city. We stumbled across this super cute shop called Louise & Madeleine. The shop is quite small, but you can find some really good stuff here. The owner sells handmade clothing, especially hand gloves, scarves and baby clothing & tons of other things you really want to have. Such as bags, handmade notebooks and jewellery. I bought myself these babies, aren’t they gorgeous? Me like!

You can find some more info on the website here: www.louise-madeleine.be . Next time you go to Ghent, you should definitely stop by this lovely shop.

To finish this day in the perrrrrrfect way (and because it was about 25°C) we had to take a boat trip. Yes, had to. Kinda like this > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8F3UE9qFsg&ob=av3e.

The less fun part about this is that there is always a guide who explains everything you see during the boat trip. With a mic. In 4 languages. And the mic was very loud. Not that I’m not interested in the rich history of Ghent, but I already took a boat like this in the past, so I know all that stuff by know. Sometimes you should just have friends with boats in Ghent. But ok, we took a lovely boat trip and it was so much fun! Here are some pictures to give you an idea.


After that we took a quick apero in the sun and then it was time for us to go home. Of course not before we went back to Julie’s House to grab some sweets for the road :). More specific: for the boyfriends. So, I’ll end this post with a tip: the cheesecake from Julie’s House is also truly amazing!

I kid you not! Oh yes, and they take orders to >>>http://www.julieshouse.be


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